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More than 140 major brands trust Listen360 to provide ongoing feedback from their 28 million+ customers.

Customer Feedback and Online Reviews

for Multi-Location and Franchise Businesses

When happy customers have great things to say, you want the world to hear it!

Listen360 is the easiest way to get more customer feedback and online reviews. If your business has multiple locations and a central system that captures customer transaction data, then Listen360 might be right for you!

Our Net Promoter-based system lets you listen to all your customers in an ongoing, automated way. You’ll learn what your business is doing well, and where there are areas to improve. This stream of real-time customer feedback means you can:

  • address customer issues quickly,
  • monitor performance across your entire organization,
  • stream testimonials to your website and Facebook page, and 
  • encourage referrals and online reviews from your happiest customers.

The bottom line? Listen360 helps you keep existing customers happy and attract lots more.


Listen360 Reviews

The easiest way to build your
5-star rating online.

Listen360 has always been the best way for multi-location businesses to get ongoing, actionable customer feedback. Now, we are excited to announce Listen360 Reviews, which can give your online reputation a boost by making it easy for satisifed customers to post positive reviews on important sites like Google+ and Yelp!

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