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Gather Instant, Actionable Customer Feedback

With insights about what your customers really want, it’s easy to understand how decisions will impact your brand, growth, and profits. 

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Make your customer experience a competitive advantage.

Empower every level of your organization with actionable insight to engage customers, take necessary action to improve deficiencies, and transform delighted customers into brand advocates via social media.

Delight Customers & Build Valuable Relationships

We help you measure, nurture, and improve customer relationships so you can deliver more customized and meaningful experiences. 

Increase Reviews and Recommendations

We help the world see your business through the eyes of your happiest customers—via social networks, Google, Yelp! and more. 

What Businesses Are Saying About Listen360

Listen360 is a game-changing tool that allows us to identify customer satisfaction details all the way to the technician level and follow up by branch, region or division.

Steve Leavitt

Assistant to the President

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In our industry, it’s typical to lose 50% of your customers a year. Using Listen360, JAN-PRO has a rate of less than 20%.

Rich Kissane

President & CEO

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